STEMCOR advanced


Is non-linear correction for STEM distortions necessary?
It depends on your task. If you are working in the middle-magnification range only, linear correction might be sufficient. For high magnifications, especially for atomically resolved STEM, non-linear correction is mandatory. The problem is that a scan generator is never perfect causing positioning inaccuracy or instability not mentioning mechanical shaking of a stage. Such imperfections might be negligible in the middle-magnification range but they show up at high resolution work.

Can scan jitters be removed with this non-linear correction?
Yes, in a large extend. STEM jitters manifest them self in a distorted lattice and in jagged shapes of atomic columns. Note that temDM STEMcor assumes no jitters within each scanning row but only accounts for jumps in between rows. This strategy results in the most reliable positioning of the atomic columns although their shapes can still show some negligible jags. We however consider this as a rather cosmetic issue.

Should I pay for using the advanced version?
Yes. It is not free. The current price is 900 Euro. Although we try to keep the price at the minimal level, the development and customizing costs should be reimbursed. By buying the advanced version you also donate indirectly the basic one, which is (and hopefully will be) aimed for free download.

What I get when purchase the advanced version of temDM STEMcor?
You receive your customized licensed plugin with correction for non-linear STEM distortion. You may request the edition for GMS1, GMS2, GMS3 or all of them in a singular purchase order – the price is independent of how many editions you need. You get also the technical support and consulting how to use the package optimally. You are granted for free update with new versions.

Can I pay with a credit card?
No. Currently it is not possible. The plugin is aimed to be purchased through your organization only. You should fill a form below to receive a quotation.

Will I get a personal ownership of the licensed plugin?
The license will belong to the organization, which purchased it. You are authorized to use the plugin as long as you stay with this organization.

Is there discount for academical institutions?
Almost all our customers are from universities or research units, thus we do not have such a discount. However, people who help in developing the project (making valuable suggestions, sharing information about data formats, providing relevant experimental examples et cet.) receive up to 30% discount. apply for discount

How many installations of the advanced version may I make?
The plugin may be installed in several PCs. The key requirement is that all devices must be under your control. You must prevent any uncontrollable, unauthorized spreading of your licensed plugin.

How quickly can I get the advanced version?
As soon as we receive a purchase order, your customized licensed plugin will be prepared and sent to you. Add few days for shipping via post.

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