Plugins for DigitalMicrograph

DigitalMicrograph, a software package by Gatan, Inc., is the dominant software in the field of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) to acquire and treat images and spectra. DigitalMicrograph allows users to develop their own customized programs in the form of scripts or plugins. The plugins presented in this site are intended for a general user who wishes to extend the functionality of DigitalMicrograph, but is not necessarily capable of programming.

Import/Export DigitalMicrograph files in Numpy (open source) UPDATED

Python script to convert DigitalMicrograph images into Numpy arrays and back. The script allows to read .dm3 and .dm4 files, treat it as Numpy array with using all Python libraries and write back into .dm3 or .dm4 format.

SetProfile 1.0 (open source)

SetProfile tool deals with multi-compositional line profiles across elemental maps. The script helps to manage quickly the settings of a line profile for the best appearance of multi-compositional variations.

Stereo 1.1 (open source)

Stereo tool allows to make a stereo pair from two TEM images taken under different tilt. The tool description demonstrates how to perceive a 3D object from such a stereo pair without any technical equipment.

TrackDrift 1.1 (open source)

TrackDrift tool tracks the drift of a TEM sample by watching at a live continuously updated image like a “search” image created by DigitalMicrograph View or Digiscan tools.   The tool measures and displays the value and the direction of the current sample drift.  It also stores the temporal graph of the drift in the separate display.

Flattener 1.1 (open source)

Images show often some gradient of intensity either due to inhomogeneous illumination or thickness variation. Flattener is a simplest tool to fix this problem. The user-friendly interface helps to achieve the best results in few seconds.

Scan2D 1.1 (open source)

This tool mimics the Digiscan spectrum-imaging tool with the only difference that it outputs 2D spectra instead of 1D. Thus, you can collect, e.g. a spectrum-image of q-E (momentum transfer on vertical axis, energy on horizontal axis) EELS map.

LabelLengths 4.1 (open source)

This is actually an old plugin recently improved and redesigned according the modern standards. The plugin facilitates measuring  dimensions and angles in DigitalMicrograph images and creates labels that are easy to manipulate and arrange for the best image appearance.

CumulativeEELS 3.3 (open source)

This plugin facilitates multi-run cumulative acquisition of EELS including the simultaneous low-loss and core-loss acquisition similar to that implemented in Gatan dual-EELS

Extended Frames 3.4 (open source)

collection of library classes to extend the functionality of standard DigitalMicrograph dialog and image frames

Virtual TEM 3.4 (open source)

simulates a simplest TEM user interface and major scripting commands for communication between DigitalMicrograph and TEM

BatchRecording 2.0 (open source)

facilitates acquisition, display and saving the large batches of TEM images. Requires Virtual TEM in the off-line systems

ClickMover 2.0 (open source)

move the field of view in the live image by mouse-click

Timer 2.1 (open source)

simplest timer to count time to any duty like the Nitrogen refill

Debugger 2.1 (open source)

helps to find the bugs in DM scripts by insertion of the print markers

ImportImage 2.0 (open source) UPDATED

imports TIA SER images and TIFF SEM images from FEI, Zeiss, AnalySiS into DigitalMicrograph

SetFolder 1.0 (open source)

tracks all folders recently opened in DigitalMicrograph and allow to navigate quickly among them

More open source plugins can be found in Bernhard Schaffer’s and Dave Mitchel’s sites.

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