This page lists the original educational videos connected to the technical content of the site.

This lecture explains how to denoise spectrum-images with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and treat the central problem of PCA – truncation of principal components. A new simple and robust method for automatic truncation is invented:
Automatic Truncation of Principal Components

This video rises a heretic idea that the common form of scientific presentations is not best shaped to gain and keep the attention of the audience. Even a great story, like Hamlet by Shakespeare might sound boring when using such pseudo-academic style:
To present or Not to present ? Act 1

Some technologies how to tell a story without boring your audience are mentioned. These technologies are well known for theatre people but could be surprisingly new for scientists presenting their stuff:
To present or Not to present ? Act 2

This video continues to investigate how to shape best a technical presentation. Although the author appreciates the academic style and does not suggest to sing, gesticulate or dance in front of the audience, the basic knowledge of theatre technologies might turn your presentation into an unforgettable event:
To present or Not to present ? Act 3

Lecture introducing into the Multivariate Statistical Analysis of spectrum-images delivered in the EELS school in July 2019:
Multivariate Statistical Analysis to denoise EELS spectrum-images

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