Get temDM MSA advanced version


The advanced version of temDM MSA looks similar to the basic version at the first glance. What is the difference?
The advanced version is very different inside. The basic version is rather for learning. The advanced one is much faster and includes a lot of options and advanced algorithms needed for professional work.

I found the basic version of temDM MSA too complicated for understanding. I guess the advanced version is even more complicated and abstract?
Not really. We understand that you might have no time to learn Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Assumedly, you just wish to denoise your spectrum-images as fast as possible. Then, the advanced version is an ultimate choice. Your favorite tool will be the “Just denoise” tool with only few buttons. One click triggers the denoising flow where all parameters are optimized automatically.

I am a PhD student and want to create some scientific content, not just clicking buttons. Why did not you design your MSA package as a programming environment like Hyperspy?
We tried to keep a well-instructive common treatment flow and an intuitive few-buttons interface. However, the package offers a powerful library in DigitalMicrograph scripting for advanced users. You can design your own  flexible treatment approach pretty similar to that in Hyperspy. The possibilities of Hyperspy and temDM overlap in a great extend but some features differ significantly. For a doctorate student, it would be advantageous to use both.

How about speed of different versions?
The basic version is designed to work in all versions of Gatan Microscopy Suite (GMS). Such through-version compatibility however means that the calculation speed is limited by the resources of GMS1. The advanced version comes in the separate editions for GMS1, GMS2 and GMS3, thus it is optimized for your system. For some operations you will enjoy a 5 fold increase in speed.

Should I pay for using the advanced version?
Yes. It is not free. Although we try to keep the prices at the minimal level, the development and customization costs should be reimbursed. By buying the advanced version you also donate indirectly the basic one, which is open source and aimed for free download. You are not forced to purchase the whole package of the advanced Version. You may install the only advanced options you do need, which minimizes your expenses.

What I get when purchasing the advanced version of temDM MSA ?
You receive your customized licensed plugin where all the requested advanced options are activated. You may request the edition for GMS1, GMS2, GMS3 or all of them in a singular purchase order – the price is independent of how many editions you need. You get also the technical support and consulting how to use the package optimally. You are granted for free update (within the options you purchased). In case you purchase the full advance version, you get free all new options that will be added to the package after your purchase.

Can I pay with a credit card ?
No. Currently it is not possible. We are not a profit-oriented private company. The plugin is aimed to be purchased through your organization only. You should fill a form below to receive a quotation.

Will I get a personal ownership of the licensed plugin ?
The license will belong to the organization, which purchased it. You are authorized to use the plugin as long as you stay with this organization.

Is there discount for academical institutions ?
Almost all users of the advanced version are from universities or research units, thus we do not have such a discount. However, people who help to develop the project (making valuable suggestions, sharing information about data formats, providing relevant experimental examples et cet.) receive up to 50% discount for the advanced options.

How many installations of the advanced version may I make?
The plugin may be installed in several PCs. The key requirement is that all devices must be under your control. You must prevent any uncontrollable, unauthorized spreading of your licensed plugin.

How quickly can I get the advanced version?
As soon as we receive a purchase order, your customized licensed plugin will be prepared and sent to you. Add few days for shipping via post.

I am not interested in all features of the advanced version but need only few options. Should I purchase necessarily a full package ?
No. For you convenience, we can compile your customized licensed plugin with the options you have chosen. Below there are current prices for each option:

boost (what is that), price: 400 Euro

correct GIF quadrants (what is that ), price: 200 Euro

treat outliers (what is that ), price: 500 Euro

SVD (what is that ), price: 400 Euro

auto-truncation (what is that ), price: 700 Euro

lowCut filter (what is that ), price: 100 Euro

histogram (what is that ), price: 400 Euro

Auto-endmembering (what is that ), price: 800 Euro

full version (open pdf advanced version) includes all the options. Additionally you can get free all new options that will be added to the advanced version within 3 years after your purchase, price: 2800 Euro

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