This site is devoted to software for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Currently, the focus is on the DigitalMicrograph platform by Gatan, Inc., which dominates now in the field. We target users who wish to do more with DigitalMicrograph, but are not necessarily capable of programming. The temDM site presents a number of open source scripts for DigitalMicrograph and easily-installed plugins extending the standard functionality of DigitalMicrograph.

  • a number of free, open-source plugins facilitate images acquisition and treatment and boost scripting in DigitalMicrograph.
  • temDM MSA package makes Multivariate Statistical analysis of EELS and EDX spectrum-images in order to denoise them or extract the latent factors.
  • temDM STEMCOR package removes distortions from Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopical (STEM) images and reconstruct undistorted images including atomic resolution ones.
  • temDM SICOR package corrects for distortions in elemental maps obtained by spectrum-imaging.